Office Support Recruitment Solutions for London based organisations

Placing candidates in temporary and permanent Office Support positions across London

Expertise within Office Support Recruitment Solutions, that’s second to none


Coby Philips Recruitment Consultancy specialises in the supply of office support staff on a Temporary, Contract and Permanent basis. Saving you time, money and workload, Coby Philips works in partnerships with growing organizations based in London. We have been established since 1997 and we pride ourselves on the bespoke recruitment solutions that we are able to offer vertical markets within the West End, Docklands and City of London.



Why use Coby Philips?

Coby Philips are committed to keeping abreast of market changes to ensure that we provide clients with an outstanding service. We are committed to both clients and candidates to build a long term relationships and ensure that we are always providing a service that’s second to none.



Candidate Services

We meet with all of our candidates to ensure that we fully understand your wants and needs within your job search. Your CV only says so many words, therefore we take the time to fully understand what it is you’re looking for.



Our Values

In order to understand you on a deeper level, we pride ourselves on the dedication to our work. All of our staff have full dedication to their clients and candidates, and take pride in the relationships that we are able to build, in order to provide both candidates and clients with a unique service.


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What are you doing to make sure that you stand out?

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