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Placing candidates in temporary & permanent HR & Office Support positions across London and Essex

Expertise within HR Professional & Office Support Recruitment Solutions, that’s second to none


Coby Philips Recruitment Consultancy specialises in the supply of HR professionals and office support staff on a Temporary, Contract and Permanent basis. Saving you time, money and workload, Coby Philips works in partnerships with growing organizations based in London and Essex. We have been established since 1997 and we pride ourselves on the bespoke recruitment solutions that we are able to offer vertical markets within the West End, Docklands, City of London and Essex.

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Job Type:


London, Holborn

Full Time

UP TO £30,000



Why use Coby Philips?

Coby Philips are committed to keeping abreast of market changes to ensure that we provide clients with an outstanding service. We are committed to both clients and candidates to build a long term relationships and ensure that we are always providing a service that’s second to none.



Candidate Services

We meet with all of our candidates to ensure that we fully understand your wants and needs within your job search. Your CV only says so many words, therefore we take the time to fully understand what it is you’re looking for.



Our Values

In order to understand you on a deeper level, we pride ourselves on the dedication to our work. All of our staff have full dedication to their clients and candidates, and take pride in the relationships that we are able to build, in order to provide both candidates and clients with a unique service.


Change your daily routine.

Speaking through experience changing your everyday routine can make you feel refreshed, like you are on the right path and can increase positive opportunities. When I say ‘changing routine’ I don’t mean change what time you get the train to work or quitting your job completely. Changing routine can be things like; going to bed earlier, waking up earlier or allowing yourself enough time to not rush around in the mornings. When you change your routine, it makes you feel motivated and ready for the challenges you’re going to face perhaps at work that day. I spent many months feeling uninspired not only in the workplace but at home to, as soon as I changed my routine I slowly began to gain more energy, more motivation, less procrastination and general happiness within myself. When I first heard of this idea I was sceptical, I couldn’t understand how changing the way you do things everyday could help you. So, I asked friends and family about this and my step-mum came out with something that just made sense and made me feel inspired to change the way I thought about life! I asked her the question “How can changing your everyday routine make you feel more inspired and motivated?”. Her answer: “Imagine you watch a film, then imagine watching the same film again straight after and again and again and again. Boring, right? Now imagine watching a different film after this. You feel entertained, you have the energy to pay attention and you feel satisfied when the film is over — depending on the film of course. What I am trying to... read more

What are your goals for 2017?

So, January has nearly finished!   Have you thought about your goals for 2017? If you haven’t, you should. It could be anything! From losing or gaining weight to perhaps a change in career! If it is a career change that you are hoping 2017 offers, then Coby Philips would be able to help! Our high-profile clients are always looking for new recruits to make their company stronger than it already is! All you have to do is check out the ‘Jobs’ page of this site and simply apply. Equally, you could send your CV with a covering letter on what you are searching for to, and we would be in touch.   Are you looking for a new Executive Assistant role for your new year’s resolution? Perhaps with a salary over £35,000pa? Well! Due to the increased demand of employers seeking for EA’s Coby Philips has now set up a dedicated division for candidates who are seeking this type of employment. Don’t waste any time! Send your CV and a covering letter to my email address today!   In my opinion having a goal to head towards with a plan on how to do it makes the journey to your destination a lot easier. Of course, not all plans turn out, well… as planned but that would be up to you to determine what your next step will be. It’s scary however very exciting to think that this time next year your life could well possibly be COMPLETELY different. Did you know there are ways you can track your success now? It’s called a ‘Goal Diary’. Don’t be fooled,... read more

The Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet.

So you have a lot of great content out on your social media sites right? Are you not getting the audience you engagement you were expecting? Well, are you uploading at the correct times? Let’s jump straight in! Below is all the information you need to help you make progress. FACEBOOK! How many times a day should you post? – 1 / 2 posts a day What is the best time to post? – 1-4/pm Tools to use? – – – Facebook Page Insights TWITTER How many times a day should you post? – 5 posts a day What is the best time to post? – 1-3/pm Tools to use? – – INSTAGRAM! How many posts a day? – 1 / 2 posts a day What is the best time to post? – Anytime (providing you use hashtags) Tools to use? – – Latergramme App – Afterlight App PINTEREST! How many posts a day? – 10 posts a day What is the best time to post? – 5-11/pm + Saturday/am Tools to use? – – – WHAT TO POST? Quotes Tips Behind-the-scenes photos Your produce photos + links Questions / polls Good content from others Offers + Discounts Competition announcements Events information Testimonials / success stories Funny snippets from your life (if appropriate) Videos Fill-in-the-blanks Interesting facts Sneak peak photos Old popular content Recommendations There are so many things you can post on social media however, before posting ask yourself – ‘is what I am sharing; useful, interesting, informative, entertaining or will it help my audience to connect with me and/or... read more

London Office:
4 Christopher Street,
London, EC2A 2BS


Tel: 0207 841 1966
Fax: 0207 841 1967


Essex Office:
Elizabeth House,
28 Baddow Road,

Tel: 01245 929966

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