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Coby Philips Recruitment Consultancy specialises in the supply of office support staff on a Temporary, Contract and Permanent basis. Saving you time, money and workload, Coby Philips works in partnerships with growing organizations based in London and Essex. We have been established since 1997 and we pride ourselves on the bespoke recruitment solutions that we are able to offer vertical markets within the West End, Docklands, City of London and Essex.



Why use Coby Philips?

Coby Philips are committed to keeping abreast of market changes to ensure that we provide clients with an outstanding service. We are committed to both clients and candidates to build a long term relationships and ensure that we are always providing a service that’s second to none.



Candidate Services

We meet with all of our candidates to ensure that we fully understand your wants and needs within your job search. Your CV only says so many words, therefore we take the time to fully understand what it is you’re looking for.



Our Values

In order to understand you on a deeper level, we pride ourselves on the dedication to our work. All of our staff have full dedication to their clients and candidates, and take pride in the relationships that we are able to build, in order to provide both candidates and clients with a unique service.

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London, United Kingdom

Full Time

Up to £26,000


How to Find and Hire Great Employees

  It is impossible to grow a winning company single-handedly. However, all great companies begin with great employees. As your business grows so do the demands on your time. The need to hire outside skills to be a good leader, you need to be able to recognise when to start hiring, and even more importantly, who you should be hiring. Hiring the wrong person can not only cost you time but also money. Not just by covering their salary and employment package, but also how much they could lose the company. The right person, however, will be an investment, and someone who will provide a financial return over time. It is easy to place the blame on the employee, but often it is down to the person who hired them. Usually, this is done by the interviewer not appreciating how this person will fit in with the company, and if they are fully equipped for the role. It’s essential to consider other factors other than skills, experience and ability, and also to consider exactly how these relate to the role. The below seven questions are important to ask yourself to find and hire the right people: 1.    Is the candidate competent enough to complete the tasks you are asking about them. Do they have the right combination of skills, experience and education? 2.    Will the candidate go above and beyond what is asked of them in creative and innovative ways, showing a willingness to take on more responsibility as well as showing a potential for growth within the company? 3.    Are they someone who will get on well with... read more

10 Ways to get the most out of your employees

  See employees as individuals – understanding that all of your employees have different temperaments, needs, expectations, strengths and weaknesses. Treating your workforce as a homogenous whole is a sure way NOT to get the most out of each one of them. Everybody wants to be recognized as an individual, this recognition alone can make one feel valued, and acting on that recognition is sure to help build a diverse and happy workforce. Manage your expectations – Self-awareness goes a long way when dealing with employees. If you are constantly being challenged by your workers or they are not achieving your expectations – maybe the problem is your expectations. Having a realistic plan and re – visiting it regularly can help to make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself and place ambitions above reality. Manage your employee’s expectations – Don’t go too far the other way, though. Make sure employees know what is expected of them and in turn what they can expect from you. Transparency and honest communication can go a long way – most employees are understanding and empathetic if you give them a chance to be. Being open makes sure everybody is on the same page. Use developmental resources – once you have a good person on board, there’s no limit to the number of ways you can develop them to help them reach their potential. While training can be expensive, it can lead to more efficient profit making in the future – see it as an investment. Other forms of training include; pairing up employees with mentors, creating coaching plans and utilizing your connections... read more

The Top Ten Practices for Your Human Resources Department

  Employees are the lifeblood of any organisation, and a commitment to hiring the right people – and then ensuring they are happy and motivated within the company – is crucial. By considering the below top ten practices, you can ensure you are setting the right tone, fostering the right environment, and hiring the right people for the job. 1.    Often Human Resources are the first impression for your company and should strive to make sure it is a positive one for all potential and new employees. Taking care of all new hires unique needs is an important task and should be handled with great care. 2.    Rather than assuming your new hire knows what your organisation expects of them, develop a manual or handbook to communicate these expectations, as well as your payment methods, policies and also their job description. 3.    Company culture is crucial to every business, and also unique to each. Screening a candidate for a cultural fit will ensure that they are happy, that you are getting the most out of that working relationship, and also that existing employees are happy. 4.    Is it important to understand what motivates your employees, as often it is so much more than financial rewards and money. HR departments should consider non-financial reward programs such as mentor lunches, gym membership or better parking. 5.    Technology designed to streamline the HR workflow, from Internet-based payroll to electronic applicant tracking, will help improve communication. 6.    Transparency is key to any Human Resources department. Fostering an open, honest relationship that explains the workplace culture and expectations clearly will ensure that any new... read more

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