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Coby Philips Recruitment Consultancy specialises in the supply of office support staff on a Temporary, Contract and Permanent basis. Saving you time, money and workload, Coby Philips works in partnerships with growing organizations based in London and Essex. We have been established since 1997 and we pride ourselves on the bespoke recruitment solutions that we are able to offer vertical markets within the West End, Docklands, City of London and Essex.



Why use Coby Philips?

Coby Philips are committed to keeping abreast of market changes to ensure that we provide clients with an outstanding service. We are committed to both clients and candidates to build a long term relationships and ensure that we are always providing a service that’s second to none.



Candidate Services

We meet with all of our candidates to ensure that we fully understand your wants and needs within your job search. Your CV only says so many words, therefore we take the time to fully understand what it is you’re looking for.



Our Values

In order to understand you on a deeper level, we pride ourselves on the dedication to our work. All of our staff have full dedication to their clients and candidates, and take pride in the relationships that we are able to build, in order to provide both candidates and clients with a unique service.

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London, United Kingdom

Full Time

Up to £26,000


6 Ways to Market Your Business On Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world with 1 Billion users! Take a look at these 6 tips to make sure you become the master of ‘Facebook Marketing’ 1 Content. No Facebook page ever got anywhere without it’s great content. This is where trial and error comes in and of course ‘Facebook Insights’. Identify what your audience like, do the prefer fun photos, useful links or perhaps more informative articles? 2 Buy Ads and Promote Posts. Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts allow you to reach a huge audience the system is so flexible that the campaign will completely revolve around any budget! You can even target your promotions to ensure you reach you ideal audience. This is useful for promoting great content you’ve created, any promotions that you may be running and not to mention exposing your business for the world to see. 3 Custom Tabs What are tabs? – Tabs are the little buttons that sit underneath your page’s cover picture. They can be customised for a number of purposes. you can run contests and sweepstakes. Promote your products or even hide an offer or discount code which is revealed when the user clicks ‘Like’. 4 Partnership Ok, so let’s say you have 100 likes – but one of your major partners or customers has 10,000. By utilising this partnership, you could spread the word about your page, promotion or giveaway to a much greater audience, free of charge! You can even run CO-Branded competitions to ensure you both benefit. 5 Contests Who doesn’t love getting something for nothing! Giveaways are really useful in growing... read more

10 Admirable Attributes of a ‘Great Employee’

It is very easy to notice the incorrect things that employees do during the working week, however everybody makes mistakes every once in a while. So occasionally you should step back and think about the positives about this employee, look out for the following things! Are they ambitious? What about Autonomous? Is your employee Humble? Does your employ portray a Passion for their work? Confidence is key, is your employee confident? Honesty is the best policy Is your employee creative? Reliability, does your employee show this? Does this employee show that they are eager? Positivity attracts positive things, are they keeping it positive? With a busy schedule it is hard to notice these attributes easily, that’s understandable, however employees should be a number one priority. When employees feel appreciated it leads to best customer service for your clients. Let us just go over the 10 tips! You can notice when your employee is ambitious because they will always want to improve and will have big goals (preferably in their current workplace). Being Autonomous is having the ability to work on tasks by themselves with very little help however is not afraid to ask someone if they come across a problem. Staying humble can be hard for some people this attribute is probably the most noticeable, note that being humble and being shy are two different things. It is important to see that your employees are grounded and not getting too arrogant, it creates bad energy in the workplace. You can clearly see when someone is passionate about their work because  they will put a huge amount of effort on... read more

Tips on managing a remote team.

Take your team’s productivity and efficiency to new heights with these useful insights. 1.Work Force. Hire the right people. Not everyone is up to the task of working alone, as remote workplaces are usually less social than co-located ones. People on remote teams need to be ok with that. For best results, it’s imperative to hire people who are up for the challenge and capable of working independently, but yet in a small team. 2. Tools Use the right remote work tools. Tools are important in a remote workplace because they enable you to better organise the team and keep everyone on the same page. A truly effective remote work team will have all of the vital remote work tools: email, a file sharing capacity, an instant messaging platform, screen sharing software, project management software and any tools or resources specific to your industry. 3. Process Organise a work plan. One of the most important ingredients in a powerful remote team is process, or how you work. In a virtual team, each person may develop their own processes and procedures that do not mesh with the way other team members are working. It’s best to use a project management system to keep everyone in touch. 4. Goals Articulate project goals and objectives clearly. Help remote workers understand what they are working towards by setting the correct priorities and goals. In a virtual work setting, the importance of having clear project goals and objectives cannot be overstated. These goals should be clearly communicated during meetings, regular check-ins and performance reviews aswell. 5. Communication Keep communication lines open. Communication is key... read more

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